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9400: Where there is no doctor

From: Sara Pilling <spilling@directvinternet.com>

The name of the women's health book is, "Kote famn pa jwenn
dokte" I was able to purchase it from the Women's group in Boston
- actualy, it is in dorchester - Association of Haitian Women (I
believe that's the name) for I believe $23.00.

The front section is all about 'leaf doctoring', the use of
medicinal herbs when western medicine is not available. It was

Their organization in Haiti, Aprosifa, gave a three-day
conference on women's health issues to the women's empowerment
group in LaPlaine while I was in Haiti in August. It was one of
the most powerful experiences that I have had in all my 14 years
of going often to Haiti. At the end of the three days the women
were all fired up, organized, and determined to move ahead. Each
woman rweceived their own copy of the book - a very genrous gift
of the organization.

Sara Pilling
Scholarship Soley