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9413: The Haitian Senate is holding the Dominique investigation (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

The Haitian Senate is holding the Dominique
The Haitian senate must vote on judge Gassant request.
The judge on the case had followed the law of the
land; the constitution is crystal clear and not
subject to a second interpretation. Now, it is time to
ask each senator to make his/her view known publicly
on this matter and who is blocking that vote. A simple
matter that was supposed to be decided in a less than
2 days has taken more than 3 months and counting. 
	Well nobody asks or forces you to run for office, you
have chosen to and you (Senators-) should fulfill your
responsibility.  One thing is certain an up or down
vote on that request must be held or the senators
should consider in vacating their post.  May be the
senators don?t know their role or may be they are a
bunch of puppet. The blood of that Haitian Legend
shall not spill in vain whoever responsible shall be
brought to justice. Ou met soté pompé. Justice must be
In order to prevent people from taking their own
justice, the judiciary system must work. Many had
recalled the era of Boss Peint, Aderbal, ti-boulé and
so on where barbaric crimes were committed in a daily
basis in Haiti without punishment sorry my friends
this era is over. Many may wonder why so many want to
resolve that case while no one is talking about the
others. Well resolving that particular case may give
the people a sense of relief and witnesses may come
forward to help resolving the others because they
might not have to be afraid for their life. 
	Each senator should vote his/her conscience, but
remain certain that a vote will be held. And at this
present moment the Haitian senate is holding the
investigation, which is a clear contradiction of its
role. I believe these folks in the senate can
distinguish between a murder case and a political
matter. This is a murder case, no more, no less. 

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