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9420: Re: 9415: Haitian Was Married to Hijacker? (fwd)

From: Carl Fombrun <carlfombrun@iopener.net>


I have already reported twice on this same subject last week in Radio Carnivale 1020 AM in Miami, on the radio version of "Carl's Corner" in the Haitian Times. There seems to be some truth to it, but nothing has been confirmed either by Haitian or U.S. authorities.

I have some names and stories from reliable sources in Haiti, but will not divulge them having no proof. My sources claim that the so called Atta's wife is presently in the U.S, brought in by the FBI from Haiti. I brushed on that subject a bit, sent to HT, on the next "Carl's Corner", which will be published tomorrow on the online edition 31 Oct-06 Nov, '01.