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9421: Re: 9392: A Haitian educator is gone (fwd)

From: E Vedrine <evedrine@hotmail.com>

I learned that a week ago and had already been burried. He was
one the few "qualified Haitian educators" who dedicated his life to the 
profession, just for the love of it and has traveled extensively (in Europe 
/North America) to enrich his teaching (including trips to 
France,Spain,Portugal with my group in 1989). He also taught Bilingual 
Spanish (math /science) in high school, besides teaching Haitian Bilingual, 
French, Spanish, judo, literacy program for Haitian adults [Haitian 
Multi-Service Center, Boston. He was found dead in his apartment (according 
to credible sources).

May his soul rest in peace!

>From: YLamour@aol.com
>my condolences to Jean Jacques's family and friends ... when did he die? 
>... what was the cause of his death?
>i met him very briefly, introduced to him by vedrine ...
>it is very sad to lose a young man like that ...
>thanks, yvon ...

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