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9422: Open Discussion (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>


	My friends Haitian people are enduring the worst type
of poverty ever known to mankind, the international
community has set up its conditions before releasing
the aid package. I welcome the talk between these two
antagonists but there should be a limit, if there must
be an agreement before releasing any fund what will
happen if no agreement is reached for the next four
years? Therefore, an alternative plan shall be
presented on the table. A deadline shall be imposed.
The poor people of Haiti are starving and something
must be done about it. 

Speak out
What do you think?
How this crisis should be resolved?
Should there be an alternative plan? 
Do you believe the Haitian in the Diaspora can
facilitate in resolving the current crisis?
What should be done?

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