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9430: RE: 9423: harbor project (fwd)

From: "Walton, Robert" <waltonr@emh1.ftmeade.army.mil>

Finding Anne Hauge

1.  Write to Yves Colon, the author of the article.  Colon will probably
protect his/her source but is likely to forward your email to Hauge. 

``Everybody's been asking,'' he tells Ann Bayliss Hauge, making a sweeping
gesture that took in the village and all the other homes on top of the hill
above the bay. ``Everybody wants to know why the work stopped.''

Hauge, a Harvard-trained lawyer who has made Haiti her home for the past 18
years, was straightforward.

Haitians foresee profitable port

ST. LOUIS DU SUD, Haiti -- Velome Smith is dreaming of big ships.

2.  These folks have a handle on Hatian attorneys or at least access to a
phone book.
The Panos Institute in the Caribbean 
P. O. Box 1595
16 rue Malval, Turgeau 
HT 6110 Port-au-Prince, HAITI 
Tel: (509) 511-1460 
e-mail: panoshaiti@aol.com  
The Panos Institute in the United States 
1322 18th Street, NW
Suite 26
Washington, DC 20036, USA 
Tel: 202-223-7949, Fax: 202-223-7947
e-mail: panos@cais.com 

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From: Kaiort@aol.com

As a writer, and supporter of democratic Haiti, I am interested in learning 
more about the St Louis du Sud Harbor Project, subject of a recent Miami 
Herald article.
   Does anyone have an e-mail or other contact address for Ms. Anne Bayliss 
Hauge on file?  Any further information or insight regarding this project?

Many thanks in advance,
Kai Maristed