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9431: LSU Baton Rouge Colloquium on Voodoo (fwd)

From: P D Bellegarde-Smith <pbs@csd.uwm.edu>

From: "H-AfrArts (Editor, M.W. Conner)" <MWConner@Earthlink.net>
Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2001 12:32 PM
Subject: FYI: LSU Baton Rouge Colloquium on Voodoo

> Tuesday 13 Nov
> French House Grand Salon
> 1.00-1.30       Opening Ceremony with Libation
> 1.30-2.45pm     Lecture by Dr Ina Fandrich (LSU, Religious Studies)
> Voodoo/Hoodoo: A History of Oppression and Resistance in Louisiana
> How did Voodoo serve as a form of resistance in Louisiana from colonial
rule, through the time of Marie Laveaux and the Jim Crow era, to its current
commercial and spiritual revival?
> 3.00-4.30pm    Round Table: Voodoo in Louisiana
> A diverse group of scholars and practitioners from Baton Rouge and New
Orleans will discuss the complex role of Voodoo in Louisiana history.
> Lockett Hall 2
> 7.30-9.00pm     Edouard Duval CarriJ (Haitian painter and sculptor)
> Lecture with Slides: Why Are the Spirits Leaving Haiti?
> Internationally celebrated visual artist, Edouard Duval CarriJ, presents
his work, in which he uses Vodou symbolism in images of Haitian identity and
political critique.
> Wednesday 14 Nov
> French House Grand Salon
> 1.30-2.45pm     Round Table: The Diasporic Politics of Vodun
>                 with Mama Lola, Karen Brown, and Edouard Duval CarriJ
> What was the significance of the international "Reunion of Vodun Cultures"
convened in Benin, West Africa, in 1993?
> 3.00-4.30pm     Lecture by Dr Karen McCarthy Brown
> (Drew University, Anthropology; Author of Mama Lola)
> Tying Wanga: Vodou, Police Violence, & the Abner Louima Case
> How is Vodou spirit-power being reinvented in New York City to help
diaspora Haitians deal with police brutality and racism?
>  4.30-6.00pm    Reception
> LSU Union Auditorium
> 7.30-9.00pm     Conversations with Mama Lola (a Haitian Vodou Priestess
from Brooklyn)
> Acclaimed by many as "The Oprah Winfrey of Vodou," Mama Lola will
> answer questions from members of the audience about Vodou as a practice of
healing and spirituality.
> Generously funded by French Studies, French and Francophone Studies,
Friends of French, Dept of Geography & Anthropology, School of Art, and
Religious Studies Program