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9440: Boston Haitian Reporter News Capsule- Nov '01 (fwd)

From: MariLinc@aol.com

The Boston Haitian Reporter Online

The November Edition
The seventh print edition of the Boston Haitian Reporter is now in
circulation.  Visit us online at
http://www.bostonhaitian.com, which has just been updated with the latest
news and information.

Here is a sample of what you will find in the November edition of the
leading, monthly publication for New England's Haitian-American communities:

Scholarship Program
The Law Offices of Alford & Bertrand is sponsoring a $5,000.00 undergraduate
college scholarship to a Haitian-American high school senior who has
demonstrated academic achievement and community service.
This Scholarship is only available through the Boston Haitian Reporter, so
pick up your copy today!

Featured Stories
History in the Making
An groundbreaking, all-day conference dedicated to setting priorities and
goals for the state's Haitian community drew hundreds to Roxbury Community
College last month. Get the full coverage in this month's Reporter.
Plus: Conference Points to a Community's Growing Clout

Local News
How Should We Vote in Boston's Nov. 6 Ballot Question?
Opponents say it's a bad time to raise taxes. Proponents want Boston to take
advantage of funds for affordable housing and public parks. How should our
community vote?

Men Nou
Local Man Finds Muse at Museum's Computer Clubhouse
When Haitian-born Ruby Fevrier moved to Boston at age five, he "didn't know
much English and spent most days at home "watching TV and hanging out." That
all changed when he plugged into an innovative program at the Museum of

Holding onto Clout on Capitol Hill
The last time a black person was elected to the U.S. Senate was 1990. There
are currently no blacks or Hispanics in the U.S. Senate. Working with the
Congressional Black Caucus , according to Caleb DesRosiers, is one way to
enhance the community's clout in Washington.
Plus: Changing Rules on US Passports
How will new post- Sept. 11 regulations affect Haitians in the U.S.

New Feature
Check Out the Latest CD Releases
Steve Desrosiers takes a critical look at four new offerings from
up-and-coming Haitian artists and groups. Who's got the hottest sound? A
Holiday Treat from T-Vice Fritz Hyacinthe brings us all the latest news from
the world of Haitian entertainment.

Ruth's Recipes
A healthy and delicious after-work alternative

The Early Years in Boston
Steve Desrosiers talks to activist, poet, musician and playwright Jean
Claude Martineau -among the first members of Boston's Haitian community.

National & International
State Dept. Seeks Out Haitians and Minorities for Jobs
Amnesty Intl. Says Human Rights in Haiti Are "Deteriorating"
Critics: Aristide's "Zero Tolerance" Policy Spurs Vigilante Killings
Haitians Back Plans for Memorial at Georgia Revolutionary Battlefield

Plus: A complete round-up of news from Haiti and the Caribbean

All of this and much, much more can be found inside the November edition of
the Boston Haitian Reporter.

Is there an issue or story in the community that we should know about?

Call the Reporter news room at (617) 436-1222 x22.

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