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9468: A Tale of a young witness 22 years later (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

A tale of a young witness 22 years later

A Friday morning during the month of June, three young
children had the experience of their lifetime. Their
summer vacation had just started; they left
Port-au-Prince to Jacmel located in the South part of
Haiti in a convoy of well-established people. Upon
getting there they have visited a mansion of a good
friends who had become disable mysteriously. Then they
went to the Beach in Front of the hotel La
Jacmelienne. The sea was blue, clean and pack with
people.  As kids they went on to play and have good
times. A mid-size woman appears to be in charge had
ordered food for all people but except for these
three, she had ordered food for their brother and his
wife. Everybody had rushed on the Table, but no order
was place for these three kids. They sat and watched
people eating, then that mid-size lady told them goes
get bread and soda in the back of the car. The
youngest boy in that group was very upset; he left the
table and went to the beach. Then later I heard a
discussion about why these kids did not eat. That
person was upset and had ordered food for these kids.
The waitress who was serving them was crying, she had
turned a little reddish, may be she might wonder why;
all these folks have money to buy that hotel and yet
they behave in such way. The little one had refused to
eat, she had brought him something else and I heard
her said, ? Ou met manje, se mwen ki bay ou-l? I saw
the little one eat and return to the beach.
	Today Haiti is facing tough time I wonder if this is
not linked to a large number of people similar to that
mid-size lady in the country. I had observed them from
distant they look pretty rich and they did not order
food for these kids. Today, the leaders of the country
are practicing a policy of starvation. May be they can
be compared to that mid-size lady, we mind need the
heart of that man who had order food for them and that
waitress who had given her lunch to that child who had
refused the other meal. 
That child was hungry and yet he refused to drink and
eat the soda and the bread and he had refused to eat
while the other two were filling their stomach, but he
ate the lunch of that stranger.
I?m trying to describe this story that had happened 22
years ago and I believe this might change the life of
that little one forever.  What you will be in life,
what you are going to do may have a direct impact with
your experience. I heard that little one has devoted
his life to assist others in difficulty. What might be
odd and surprising, he should not face this reality at
that young age but this might be the trigger point
that will make him more generous. The poor people of
Haiti should not be held hostage of a situation in
which they have no control over.  The convergence and
the Lavalas should go back to the negotiation and act
like that man and that waitress who had provided food
for those kids.

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