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9484: Re: 9470: RE: 9458: Re: 9445: RE: 9422: Open Discussion (fwd)

From: LAKAT47@aol.com

<<  My impression is that Aristide
 is not evil; he is respected but cannot exercise effective control of "his"
 government by replacing those who work for their own interests.   >>
You are absolutely right that Aristide has not, for whatever reason, 
exercised control over his government.  But to only concentrate on the 
government as the source of power in that country is to forget that the real 
power comes from behind the scenes.  It's true all over the world, not just 
in Haiti.  

In Duvalier's time, many Oungans and Manbos became Tonton Makouts.  These 
same Vodouisants have not become one with the new government.  Some of them 
were part of the age old system of corruption.  They do not support just any 
government.  I am not saying all Oungans and Manbos......of course that is 
the great thing about Vodou.  There is no real organization in Haitian Vodou 
where everyone follows the same rules and behaviors.  
<<Hopefully, the US will keep its hands off Haiti's next revolution.>>
>From your mouth to God's ears!  But really they should keep their hands off 
the present one too!  

Kathy Dorce~