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9485: Growing food

From: NLaleau@aol.com

Dear Mr. Harper: I'd say it's possible but difficult.For example:
valley  has a half-dozen rivers and waterfalls. In 1995 it just fed its
population with no surplus. Unfortunately, even if they produced more,
would face major problems in marketing it because the narrow unpaved 12 km 
road out of Marmelade is cut into the  mountain and in  places is too
for two trucks to pass... Rockslides break it in rainy season. Coffee 
producers said  their plants were ending  their 20-year lifespan in 1995
production would  sharply  decline. Even  if they found an agronomist to 
consult, and funding for new  plants, they would still face the task of 
getting a real road built  (12 million dollars US I think), and  finding 
conduits for sales. Does this give you the idea? -- Nancy Laleau