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9502: Re: 9472: Haitian Identity: Writing Contest (fwd)

From: E Vedrine <evedrine@hotmail.com>

For research related to the subject, Martha Florence Vedrine’s essay, ”Who I 
am”, is widely used after its publication in the Boston Globe Magazine (re: 
The Boston Branch Of The NAACP’s Afroacademic, Cultural, Technological And 
Scientific Olympics, Essay Category. 1994).

[VEDRINE, Martha Florence. Born in Boston of Haitian Parents, Vedrine 
graduated from Boston Latin Academy. While a young musician in high school, 
she also represented the the state of Massachusetts in the National Music 
Competition (held in Chicago). A graduate of Gordon College (Massachusetts) 
in music theory and a recipient of  the “Collegiate Of The Year Award”, she 
has recived many prizes & scholarships (including one to France). She 
accompanied the Boston Symphony Orchestra (on piano) on several occasions 
(including 4th July celebration on the Charles River).]

Courtesy of
“E.W.Vedrine Creole Project Archives