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9504: Re: 9502: Haitian Music (fwd)

From: E Vedrine <evedrine@hotmail.com>

You can make a whole list (of musicians, jazz and their influence on 
“carnivals”, “Politics”, “daily life in Haiti”):

RARA (style)

KONPA DIRèK (style - with the famous Nemours Jn.Baptiste & Weber Sicot)
and all the polemics between these 2 famous musicians [who were playing 
together at first] can be seen though their lyrics:

“Sicot fè 2 mwa deyò
Sa l pote
Krabmazòrèy (kaka zòrèy?)”

[Sicot spent 2 months abroad
He only brought
Ear wax with him]


"Bonjan van, fanatik van…
Bonjan van, fanatik van
Ou pa bezwen fè pa m
Ou pa bezwen fè pa m
Ou pa bezwen fè pa m
M ap toujou kraze dada w!"

[Fans, enjoy the good wind
Enjoy the good wind fans
Don't need to feel pity for me (to the other jazz)
Don't need to feel pity for me
Don't need to feel pity for me
I'll always kick your ass!]


“Degouden li te genyen
Son w kodenn li ta manje
Webè Siko ta manje w kodenn”

[He only has 50 cents
And he wants to eat turkey
Webert Sicot wants to eat turkey]

KONPA (style - originated from “Konpa Dirèk” [the original]
JAZZ (the evolution of Haitian Jazz in the 50, 60, 70’s and on – There are 
many and one of the oldest, “Tropicana”, was celebrating it’s 50’s 
anniversary at the turn of the 2oth century. A Haitian periodical in 
Montreal, “Soleil des îles”, has a long interview with ‘maestro Ulrick’ (who 
has been in the jazz since its beginning). A popular tune by Tropicana:

“Madanm ban m ti swen m
Twopikana deyò, mwen pral yaya
Mizik ap pèdi,
Fè tout timoun ale pou y al pran plezi…”

[Lady, give me my little care
Tropicana is out, I am going to shake it
There's a waste of music
Make all the children go
So that they'll have a good time]

RANCHERA (from Mexico - This type of music was rather played on the radio, 
particulary through the famous "Radio Progrès" when I was a little kid), but 
I'm not sure of how many Haitian jazz do interpret it.

BOLERO (style – with lyrics in Kreyòl, French, Spanish - and we must mention 
the late Roger COLAS, a famous artist)

Talking about JAZZ, there’s the famous Gerard DUPERVILLE singer (with “Jazz 
des Jeunes”, among the earliest). There’s a book on him.

TRIO SELECTE (jazz), with the late “Koupe Kloue” (also "Wa Koupe") who will 
later gives another dimension to “konpa”. Toto Nesesite, a Haitian famous 
artist (playing “konpa”), honors Koupe in a resent CD released last year 
where he also mentions other Jazz playing Koupe’s style of konpa and also 
have the word "koupe" along with their names (e.g "Kalito Koupe, "Koupe 

MIZIK RASIN (recent – very popular – the rara music is at a high dimension 
here where these musicians take a lot of ingredients [eg., intruments & 
rhythm] from “rara” also for this new style.)

RAM (I’d put RAM in “recent Haitian Jazz” – that gives another dimension to 
“rara” & “voodoo music” in their style, "classical rara").

SANMBA (style  – Once can analyze “samba” elements through the music of 
Bethova OBA… who has received lots of national & critics for his style).

RAP (more recent style adopted mostly by younger generation of Haitians in 


>From: Joshua Hoover <jrhst2@mail.francis.edu>
>Can anyone give me any information on the history, origin, and styles of 
>haitian music? I would appreciate any internet sites, print information, or 
>personal experience. If you would like to reply privately, my email address 
>is rjoshy13@hotmail.com or jrhst2@francis.edu

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