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9503: Food production

From: NLaleau@aol.com

Dear Lawrence--That could be done.  But it would help to have some overall 
regional coordination in order not to create new problems. For example: In 
the South a number of wells were drilled to irrigate small projects; but 
apparently if if not done selectively with regard to water table and 
salinity, imbalances occur that damage the soil, making it too saline for 
future agriculture. Also--when I commented on the great production from my 
squash garden, I neglected to mention that we do have a regular supply of 
water all summer long. Also we share the over-production throughout our 
friendship circles, as do many local people. In haiti neither regular
supply exists nor transport for over-production. Witness the wastage of 
produce at Puilboro. --Nancy Laleau