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9515: Haitian music in Brooklyn, NY

From: legba kalfou <tjoviginen@hotmail.com>

                         A On A
  After the boom the safety of the king was an issue.
After the boom the safety of the king was an issue.
In-spite of his might, he realized he had no where to
run, nowhere to hide,so. He recited king David's psalm.
Though I walk through the valley of Death,I fear no evil,
I'm the evil, I'm the evil.
                        Tjovi Ginen (roots music and reggae)
      In Time of War and fear Give consciousness a chance.
      They're Back, Tjovi Ginen is back.

      Just what you need tonight, a little consciousness.

Tjovi Ginen

Roots music and conscious lyrics tonight.

With the outrageous Rhythms of Dj Funmi

The Crooklyn Series @ The Five Spot

8:00P.M - 12:00 A.M

Saturday November 10th
Saturday November 17th

Five spot 459 Myrtle ave. Corner of Myrtle and Washington.

Brooklyn New York. C/G Train to Clinton Washington.

Telephone 718 852:0202 Tjoviginen@hotmail.com

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