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9518: Agronomes, Pastors & Priests: Remember your commitments (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

Today, our beloved country is facing a political
dilemma how to resolve it? The unemployment rate is
over 65% the inflation is all times high, the exchange
rate for the dollar is 23 to1, in 1984 before I came
to the US, it was 5 to 1 what went wrong?
Those of you who are familiar with Port-au-Prince, in
front of l?Hopital general and many other place we
could have bought nice Haitian made shoes for a cheap
price, today none exists. We import rice, sugar and
coffee. During World War II, Haiti had sold rice to
the US for a cheap price we prefer destroying our
local economy for personal interest. I still believe
l?Ester, St-Jean du Sud and Maribahou close to
Ouanaminthe * (Se zone kote mwen soti) can produce
enough rice for the country.  We should assist our
farmers, how many agronomists do we have and what they
are doing? Do they work on the fields 5 days a week
and spend their weekends on the cities or do they live
in the city seating behind a desk. What is the work
detail of an agronomist? I have seen them in the US
and other countries with their boots in the fields.
Sorry one cannot practice agronomy behind a desk in
the Capital. Have you ever seen a MD not involve in
research seating behind a desk, you have to see the
patient. What is the clientele of a rookie agronomist?
Where he/she is going to get his/her experiences. What
wrong with putting those boots, before you get involve
in that profession did you read your job description.
When things become stable in Haiti, it might take some
times, everyone working in the Agricultural department
starting from the Minister to all agronomist and
support staffs should put those boots and spend some
times on the fields (Secretaries who perform clerical
job might be exempt) How many agronomist do we have in
Yon ti popouri,
Also, why most of our pastors and priest are living
oversea? And at the same time, we do not have enough
in Haiti; we have to rely on foreign priests and
pastors. Pastor is not a profession although you might
spend years in school for it, it is a vocation. After
ordained if you feel that you had entered to help
yourself and your family, just change field, we have a
few catholic priests who have children, please don?t
do that to yourself, just switch to the Anglican
churches. You have the right to change your mind at
any time, but be truthful with yourselves. Agronomist,
Pastors and Priests the past is the past, I want you
to start doing your job today Remember your commitment

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