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:9517: Fiesta! Haiti: anyone want to write a book RIGHT NOW?

From: Paul Rozario <PaulRozario@tpl.com.sg>

Hi Bob

We came across your website on Haitian proverbs and were wondering whether
you could help us on a book project. We're planning a children's book on
Haiti and we need an author. It's about 5,000 words and we'd pay Singapore
Dollars $1,500 (the rough equivalent of US Dollars $860). It's not much and
another difficulty is that we need a manuscript pretty soon - beginning of
December! But we'd help with the writing as well. What we really need is
someone who a good knowledge of how festivals are celebrated in Haiti, AND
the folktales and legends surrounding the festivals, plus other Haitian
folktales. Would you know anyone who has all this information? We would help
with the writing. All we need is like a consultant, but who will be credited
as the author. Please let us know if you can help.

[Corbett asks:  please reply directly to Paul and not to me.]


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