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9519: FW: Miami : un Haitien mort en detention a Krome ? (fwd)

From: Merrie Archer <MArcher@nchr.org>

SICRAD - "Informer sur les processus"

Correspondance de Miami-Florida

Par Haiti on Line

Since Sunday November 4, 2001, Haitian detainees at the Krome
Detention Center are mourning the sudden death of Andre Jean-Gesner 26
who died in mysterious conditions, according to some detainees inside
Krome.  One thing is certain the move undertaken by Krome and
INS officials to maintain a shroud of mystery around the current
situation at the detention facility raises dirturbing questions when
we factor in past incidents violence and sexual assault perpetrated
aginst detainees.  According to unofficial reports, more than a dozen
Haitian detainees have gone into a hunger strike to protest against
their indefinite detention and the mysterious death of their friend
So far the Miami INS District Director, Mr. Bulger has denied request
community leaders to meet and speak with the detainees who have send
out words of the on-going hunger strike.  He indicated nevertheless that
once he has the result of the autopsy, he would be willing to meet a
to share information on the findings as it relates to cause of death.

In the meantime, INS has taken punitive measures against those
detainees suspect of leaking information to the outside world.
Already some of them have been transferred to other detention centers
around the State and others are put in isolation.  However, INS
Officials continue to deny the existence of a hunger strike and in the
airwave, there is all kind of rumors circulating about possible

Retaliating against detainees is nothing new for Krome officials.
Indeed, this year, a Haitian woman who was raped while in detention at
Krome was quickly deported when she reported that she was a victim of
assault by federal guards.

So far, there is strong indication that both INS and Krome officials
may be hiding something and using their might to silence those
detainees who are seeking justice.

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