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9577: Corbett asks for help with beginning tourist page

Folks, we get inquiries on this list with some regularity about
places to stay in Haiti and such.

I noticed I had a few items in my files, so I put it together
and was shocked at how little I have, how little I saved of
the various replies when they came it.  None the less I posted
them to my web site, only, so far, some hotels and guest
houses in Port-au-Prince, Henche, Pandiassou, Gonaives and
Belledere.  I know we've had many, many more and some of you
know places.

May I ask if you'd take a look at the few items I have and
send me recommendations for additions.

Also, what themes might I include in trying to build such a

Take a look at:


to see what's there now -- NOT MUCH!!! -- and please
suggest additions.

Thanks,  Bob Corbett