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9601: Let My People Go

From: Olivier Nadal <o_nadal@bellsouth.net>


Give the Haitian people  some slim chance  at survival

The situation in my country is rapidly sliding towards a total melt-down.
Streets of Haitis major population centers are the focus of ongoing
demonstrations against the Aristide/Lavalas government. A Somalia-type
famine threatens to sweep my homeland and the world media reports nothing.


Adding to this insult , ex-President Bill Clinton went on a New York based
Radio Soleil, a pro-Lavalas/Aristide station in New York, during the
second week of  November, Mr. Clinton praised Aristides governance. Mr.
Clinton maintains that everything is fine in Haiti and Aristide is doing a
good job. He deserves our help, according to Mr. Clinton. As a further
insult, the Congressional Black Caucus has written a letter to President
George W. Bush with a request that he meet with them  for discussions on
the Haitian situation.


They wish to discuss the Bush Administrations current foreign policy with
regards to Haiti. The tone of their letter strongly suggests they would
like to see this policy modified so that loans or grants could be released
to Aristides criminal enterprise. Their letter suggests it is imperative
President Bush remove his blockade of all aid , particularly the loans
currently held up at the Inter-American Development Bank. 


The Congressional Black Caucus letter, of November 8, 2001, makes no
mention of the murderous conditions now existing in Haiti, the repression
against our freedoms, the institutionalization of state sponsored
terrorism , the theft of the parliamentary and presidential elections  all
because of Aristide  nor do they comment upon the fact that Aristide and
his close associates toasted Osama bin Ladens attack of the World Trade
Center, immediately after that outrage . Black Caucus members ignore the
fact that pro-bin Laden T-shirts were sold on the streets in Haiti, an
operation that could never occur without Aristides knowledge  and
approval. They overlook the gross violation of protocol as Aristide
refused to send his condolences to the American people. A note was finally
dispatched by the Minister of Culture.


Today, my people does not need to hear the lamentations of the
Congressional Black Caucus about the suffering  of the Haitian people
because their behavior is not sincere.

We have  now a narco dictatorship in power in Haiti. We have to thank all
those involved in this madness. Enough harm has already be done to the
Haitian people with the involvement of the Congressional Black Caucus in
Haitian politics.


No one has a problem with releasing funds to a Haitian government,
provided that the Haitian government involved applies funds to the
projects for which they were designated . So far, Aristide has never done
this. The cash has gone directly into offshore bank accounts controlled by
him. Recent revelations suggest that he has over $1,024,000,000 in these
accounts around the world.


The timing of Mr.Clintons radio interview, and  the Congressional Black
Caucus  letter is one of those things any expert in probability would view
as something other than mere random events. Students of the Haitian Game
see it as a coordinated effort on the part of those who are largely
responsible for Aristides October, 1994 return to Haiti, on the points of
23,000 American bayonets. Some see this, as  an action to protect their
investment. In some cases, this action must be viewed as an effort to
protect reputations, for there is substantial belief,  in Haiti , and
elsewhere, that some of these individuals have accepted cash or other
valuable consideration from Aristide, founder of the worlds first

These people are terrified that Aristide might publish his manuscript  I
Paid for My Return- which is said to reveal his criminal dealings with
elected  and governmental officials in Washington, members of the
entertainment and human rights communities, and foreign diplomats with an
involvement in the Haitian Crisis.It is Haitis for of MAD- Mutually
Assured Destruction. The American establishment attacks Aristide and he
will destroy the Americans, and others in the UN/OAS, etc


If properly investigated, all of the crimes will make HAITIGATE the
scandal of this century, especially if the current ongoing investigations
show that Aristide facilitated the Osama bin Laden operations, supplying
access to America through Haiti and by facilitating  the transfer of funds
through Haitis banking system. As recently as last week there were rumors
that Americas federal task force on terrorism discovered a $24,000,000
transfer from a Haitian bank  to a Miami-based financial unit. It is in
the name of Mildred Aristide, First Lady of Haiti. Now, Mrs.Aristide is an
American citizen.This money has obviously been stolen from my people. What
will the Congressional Black Caucus do about this ?


Haitis solution is not political. It is criminal. There must be many
skeletons buried in key american closets. This is the only explanation for
the US Authorities refusal to indict Jean Bertrand Aristide for his known
involvement with the cocaine traffic into America.


Someone in the Bush Administration  must show the resolve to deal with
this threat in a honest forthright manner. Let the legal system judge
Aristide. After all, that is what Democracy is all about.




Olivier Nadal

Former President of Haiti Chamber of Commerce and Industry