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9602: Soccer in Haiti: Corbett needs some help

>From Bob Corbett:

For the first time in memory I actually have some disposable
time on my hands and I've been going through my files and
seeing what things I should get up on my web site.  Yesterday,
as many of your saw, I started a "tourism" page and several
of you added items and I've already loaded them up.

This morning I added a new page on soccer in Haiti, but it
has a paltry THREE items.  For any of you who are soccer
fans, or know good links to Haiti soccer sites on-line, I
urge you to see the items which are already there and help
me add new and useful material.

Your own memories, stories and such are also quite valuable
and if a discussion of soccer were to occur here on the
list I would mount that to the web site as well.

Please have a look at:


Thanks for any help,

Bob Corbett