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9620: Letter of support on the passing of Rev. Jean Juc Phanord (fwd)

From: bateyrelief@mindspring.com

    Batey Relief Alliance, Inc.
    November 17, 2001
The Haitian Missionary Baptist Church Association

La Romana, Republica Dominicana

Dear members,

On behalf of the Batey Relief Alliance [BRA] and its Board of Directors, I
wish to extend my deepest sympathy to the family, friends and associates of
Rev. Jean Luc Phanor.

Not long ago, I contacted Rev. Phanor regarding a plan to assist his
ministry in health care, through the Good Samaritan Hospital, to serve some
of the most underprivileged in La Romana. He responded kindly and accepted
our collaboration with enthusiasm. His vision was clearly expressed during
our 2001International Conference on the bateys at the United Nations when he
stood tall and made his challenging case on behalf of thousands of Haitians
suffering in the Dominicanís labor camps. We were proud of him, and we will
continue to support his legacy.

May God be with him.


Ulrick Gaillard

Executive Director


    A response letter from Rev. Jean Luc Phanor to the BRA
    October 15th, 2001
Dear Brother Ulrick Gaillard

Thank you very much for your E-Mail. We will be more than happy to receive a
group from your organization. If you dont mine I will suggest you to stay in
Dominicus or Casa del mar were the price are raisonable and closest to the
Batey that we are serving. You put in the E-Mail July 15 through 20, 2001, I
anderstand that it should be 2002. If I am right you let me know. And then I
am sending a copy of this E-Mail to the administrator of the Hospital who
will be more than Happy to assist you and give you the complet information.

Thank you very much, May the Lord keep blessing you

Sincerely yours In Chirst Jesus

Rev. Jean Luc Phanord