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9621: in seeking for justice, Please respect the rights of everyone , (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

In seeking for justice, Please respect the rights of
At this time, only rumors had linked the Senator to
this crime. According the Haitian  law no public
official can be indicted without removing his/her
immunity. Judge Gassant had asked the Justice
department to send a request to revoke the Senator
immunity; the Justice department had forwarded that
request to the Senate in August.  This matter is still
in the Senate; the senators may approve or disapprove
the judge request.  I will not comment what may happen
if the senate votes positively, we are not there yet.
I strongly believe the RSF must recant it.
	I had brought in this forum the Dominique issue many
times, I would be glad seeing finality in that case,
but we should not rush to judgment. The gentleman is
not accused on any wrongdoing we must respect that.
Today, no one can stand in the court of law to state
that OJ Simpson was responsible for the killing of his
wife you may be suspicious, but a La Jury had found
him not guilty. Case Close. 
	We shall refrain talking about indictment until there
is one. Would you accept someone to link you to that
erroneous crime? No. I do not believe, it is fair to
the Senator and to his family to judge him by rumor or
the court of public opinion. 
Remember Richard Joul who was wrongfully of planting a
bomb during the Olympic game, within minutes his
former employer had released his profile and make
people believe that he could do it. Four weeks ago,
Dr. Anderson who is working for Dekalb Public Schools,
was wrongfully accused of killing someone more 30
years ago, he was arrested, process and held a TV
interview with channel 2 in Jail, after an
investigation the poor guy was fighting for this great
country in Vietnam then he was released with full
	The Senator is within his rights not to answer the
judge question, as a public official he can use his
immunity, if the senate revoke his immunity he can
Claim his fifth Amendment privilege (I donít know
which one in Haitian law, there must be one) then only
an indictment will compel to answer. For the record,
at this present moment no indictment, no pending
indictment is against the Senator. 

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