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9626: MOre on Nadal's post

From: NLaleau@aol.com

Bin-Laden t-shirts were sold in P-au-P? People will sell anything. Nadal's 
reasoning on t-shirts is about as good as Erik von Heineken's  in
of the Gods". It goes, "Well, those markings on the ground in Peru can
be seen from high up, so they HAD to be made by [UFO-type] aliens..." Yep. 
But I am bothered by whatever, if any, grains of truth might underlie some
the other comments. Such as the govt.-coke-dealing business--if true it
ultimately come out. Money transfers to Bin Laden via  Mildred Aristide? 
Where's the proof? The Erik von Heineken type reasoning on t-shirts
follow to transferring  money for Bin Laden. --nancy laleau