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9625: Re: 9623: Regarding RSF's Translation (fwd)

From: kevin pina <kpinbox@hotmail.com>

No, Senator Toussaint has not been "indicted." The last word on that comes 
from the office of the Minister of the Interior. Nor does Rene Civil or Paul 
Raymond have any connection nor any relevant information concerning Jean 
Dominique's assasination. The latter being Judge Gassant's attempt to 
further polarize and politicize the issue in an attempt to cast aspersions 
and otherwise, "cast a dark pall" upon leaders in the popular organizations. 
No wonder he does not want to continue, a witchhunt by any other name is 
still a witchhunt! The end result of which has been to add ammunition to 
Reporters Without Borders for whom we are not sure whince they receive their 
orders. A single issue organization that appeared overnight on the Haitian 
political scene whose only result has been to add further confusion to an 
already difficult situation. I hope we have reached the 15th second of their 
self-generated fame.


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