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9628: Re: 9608: Re: 9584: Re: 9542: Re: 9540: Haitian Proverbs (fwd)

From: Lois E Wilcken <makandal-ny@juno.com>

From:  Lois Wilcken <makandal-ny@juno.com>

Bob, my translation of the proverb I submitted differs from yours.  The
proverb was "Neg rich se milat, milat pov se neg."  I believe the English
would be "The rich black man is a mulatto, the poor mulatto is a black
man."  Which means that the bottom line is wealth.

Lois Wilcken
La Troupe Makandal - New York City's #1 Haitian Roots Ensemble
621 Rutland Road, Brooklyn NY 11203
718-953-6638 / makandal-ny@juno.com