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9629: Nov 18, 1803 - Nov 18, 2001 Thank You my ancestors (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

Nov 18, 1803 –  Nov 18, 2001 Thank You my ancestors;
it’s has been 198 years since the Haitian independence
army led by Dessalines, Christophe, Petion et Capois
La Mort had destroyed the French colonial army and
created subsequently the first Black Republic in this
continent and the second independent country in this
new world after the United States of America. The
birth of our country had put into question the slavery
system, some nations who had built there empire on the
free labor of the slaves did not see us with any good
eyes and the boycott of Haiti had started.  Haiti was
and will become again a powerful country. Today, the
future looks blink, we have become “Les nouveaux
Juifférants de la terrre” but one-thing remains
certain Haiti will bounce back again as a super power
in the region. 
	When your children asking you questions about Haiti,
be truthful with them, revise our marvelous story,
talk to them about Toussaint Louverture, the Heroic
exploit of Capois la Mort and the Historic union that
had taken place at L’Arcahais on May 18, 1803. Tell
them that our ancestors were great people who believe
in freedom, they had helped Simon Bolivar to free many
countries in Latin America, they have helped the
United States in its war against the British and they
had abolished slavery in the Dominican Republic.
	Teach your children to live life with hope and
aspiration. Without hope there is no life, without
aspiration, there is no reason to live.
November 18, 1803  C’est la bataille de Vertière, the
Last Battle, our ancestors had won the war.
It’s time to rejoice, put everything down my friends
today is your day. They made it; on this November 18,
1803 Haiti had become a free nation. Our ancestors had
brought down the chain of slavery; our ancestors had
revolutionized the world. Today we call ourselves
Haitians and proud to be, we defend that name
everywhere; oh yeah, when some super power had claimed
that AIDS is from Haiti, we stand firm together with
scientific evidence and ask them to take it back, they
did. In that movie “How Stella got her groove back” we
again stand firm together and ask the company to
remove that clip. 
Who say that Haitians don’t know how to get together?
MY friends my people know how to get together. On May
18, 1803 they had established an eternal alliance
among them, six month later we had become the first
black nation in this continent, the 2nd independent
black republic in this continent and the world. 
	Why rejoice? Despite of this misery nobody can break
the will, the spirit of the Haitian. We are great
people. Just be patient. 
Today my friends, I ask you to get together and
reiterate this historic union that had paved the way
to our freedom. 
The first question: How to join hands with someone who
is trying to destroy your reputation? Someone who had
murdered a member of your family or a close friend?
Someone who is gossiping about you? It’s tough. If you
are going to take revenge which is within your legal
rights? But remember revenge will bring more revenges
and that circle will continue, we have been doing it
for the past two hundred years. Now, it’s time for a
change. Let try forgiveness, open your heart embrace
your brothers/sisters and tell them that you forgive
them and let’s move on.. An historic Forgiveness is
needed to help heal the nation. 
	Today, in this historic day, let be frank to
ourselves, let reset the clock, let tune the piano,
let play the melody of love, let join hand together
and ipso facto this will lead us to a better life. 
Again I thank all my ancestors for their hard work and
I believe your grand-grand children will thank you for
changing the face of Haiti. 

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