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9636: Seeking Haitian Revolution Web Pages (For List) (fwd)

From: JSpadaro9@aol.com

Greetings All,

I was wondering if anyone on the list can recommend Web pages which have a 
substantial amount of reliable and authoritative resources on the Haitian 
Revolution.   The Web pages will be considered for inclusion in a pathfinder 
Web page on the Revolution for the University at Albany.  The pathfinder will 
be a bibliographic guide designed to identify mostly introductory sources 
that will be useful for students and faculty at the University who want to 
learn about the Haitian Revolution.  All of the materials listed in the 
pathfinder will be available at the University's campus libraries, through 
interlibrary loan, or on the World Wide Web.  

Suggestions may be emailed to me at, Jspadaro9@aol.com.

Mesi anpil,
Joanne Spadaro