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9637: Re: 9527: Help-Haiti 1892 (fwd)

From: Lyssabelle15@aol.com

About stamp:Dear Robert...I just read your note sent a while ago about your 
search for an old stamp...I know Mr. Peter Jeannopoulos is a stamp collector 
and he might answer your question...he is also the writer of a terrific book 
on Port-au-Prince, that will interest many collectors or anyone interested on 
Haiti per say...if you are a friend of Haiti it is a must to add it in your 
bookshelves...it is called:"Images of Port-au-Prince"it is fascinating...you 
can contact Peter Jeannopoulos at his e-mail which is: 
Jeannopoulos@hotmail.org...Good luck in your request...Lyssabelle.