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9646: Re: 9641: Mason comments on Antoine's response to Harper (fwd)

From: MIT2Haiti@aol.com

Guy Antoine said:

<< My questions were not meant to be considered as an editorial, rather they 
were posed as food for thought to elicit a good discussion of this complex 
issue of foreign aid. >>

I would add:

Why is it that -- whenever a Haitian asks valid questions regarding the 
equilibrium which supposedly exists between lending nations and debtor 
nations -- he gets forced into a corner to define what no assembly of experts 
has been able to define over all these centuries, just to keep the 
conversation alive?

As if he alone -- by daring to ask such questions -- is the 
originator/perpetrator of this game.

Guy Antoine is not advocating that Haiti -- with its hand held out in begging 
position -- continues this game.

He merely is attempting to name this game; for indeed it is a game, with 
deadly and long-term consequences.

Guy states:

<< We MUST walk away from our regular sources of poisoning. >>

I would add:

Would that most of Haiti's natural resources had not already been mortgaged! 
Would that most of Haiti's natural resources still left in the ground were 
not already the object of "international lusting"! Would that ordinary 
Haitians had a say at the bargaining table when foreign aid deals are hatched!

After all, they get left with the pricetag!

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