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9647: FINALLY: After several years of waiting my searchable library program is on-line, please give it a try. Create your own , bibliographies.

At long last my library program is on-line.  As most of you know, I have
a quite extensive collection  of English language books and articles on
the country of Haiti.   The books now number over 1500 and the journal and
newspaper articles over 2500. [This does include a much smaller number of
items in French, Creole, German and  Spanish.]  All of those are entered
into a program I have called ProCite4.  

As of tonight this is on-line.  You may find it at:


Once there at the top you will see a box for which data base you wish to
search. Go in there and click on Haiti since I have another for the
history of my own neighborhood in St. Louis -- Dogtown.

Then you may search any key words or authors or titles you wish.

Once you get the basic bibliography you may click on any item in the box
to the far left and you will get the entire bibliographic card, often with
extensive notes.

I invited you to send me additions to the notes and things you find on
line.   I won't add new items which are not in my library, but will add
more data to the existing 4000+ cards.

Let me know if you have any problems, I'll have to learn how to use the
on-line version myself.  I've just tried it out on one test case so far.

Bob Corbett