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9647: Threats in Hait i- From Micha Gaillard (fwd)

From: Stanley Lucas <slucas@iri.org>

From: Micha GAILLARD [michagaillard_12@yahoo.com]Sent: 
jeudi 15 novembre
2001 14:21


INITIATIVE CITOYENNE just learned from a sure source of LAVALAS that
Wednesday november 14 afternoon, there was a meeting at the APN office.

The Director Mr. Vital, the Director of APN Mr. Loo Alabre among others
decided during the meeting to eliminate Frandley Denis Julien the
spokeperson for Initiative Citoyenne, Saul Gothier Member of Initiative
Citoyenne and Elisca Charles Coordonator for OPL in the northern department,
Odonel Maximin a member of Convergence, and other members of MRA (Haitian
revolutionary movement).

Later on that afternoon, they met again with M. Jean Myrtho Julien
(Delegation Nord) for the same purpose.  So, they distributed 9mm and money
to five people charged for this duty.  The name of these 5 persons are :
Oyé, Ralph(deported from USA), Roro (Lafossette), Ti Tonton and Daniel.

They have decided to execute these people hours after the spokeperson of
INITIATIVE CITOYENNE talked in Vision 2000 (Invité du Jour) when he said
that the President Aristide and Lavalas should leave.  The same time,
convergence have declared a two day Strike and that MRA was denouncing
Lavalas on a radio show.

We want to get everyone's attention on this matter nationally and