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9659: RE: 9633: Re: 9631: 18 November 2003 (fwd)

From: "Cooke, Kathleen" <Kathleen.Cooke@KATZ-MEDIA.com>

In response to Lawrence Harper, Sr who wrote:

   "at what point does Haiti take some reponsiblity...at
    what point does Haiti demand better for itself...

    This is not meant to be another of the many
    philosopical discussions on Haiti...heaven knows this
    group is great at talking about problems...its just
    seems that like this group...Haiti whines a lot and
    never does anything to change the core of its

Mr. Harper:

I believe Haiti has been demanding better for itself since before 1803
and I also believe Haiti did a great deal to change the core of it's
problems when it overwhelmingly elected a president of their choice three
times since 1990. Haiti knows what she needs to do. Will the rest of the
world stop whining and let her do it?