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9660: Re: 9639: HAITI RULERS (fwd)

From: Sara Pilling <spilling@directvinternet.com>

I admit to being deficient in my Haitian history - I'm just so glad that
I didn't need to memorize that list of rulers while in school!!!

What I know of Haitian rulers is mostly form Madison Smartt Bell's two
books plus some general reading. A question that I would love to have an
answer for - how many of that long list of leaders were forcibly
'removed' [deposed, voted out, overthrown, assassinated]?

I don't want to know this for any specific reason - but it seems to me
that if there is constant turnover in government, there is little
stability for the development of infrastructure. So I'm curious to know
whether this long list is a 'natural progression' or rulers interruptis.

I hope and trust that I have not opened a 'hornet's nest'. Just a simple
request for clarification - and for learning.

Sara Pilling
Scholarship Soley