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9679: Re: 9666: Foreign Policy Faux-pas (fwd)

From: IRSCP@aol.com

Dr. Allen,

I just hope that you are correct and that indeed, the GOH had decided to not vote for the Dominican Republic as a temporary member of the United Nations Security Council.

This may be unpleasant to you, but the DR's policies towards Haiti has only been in the DR's interest (as it should be by the way). But that policy has also been clearly against the interests of Haiti: the facts have proven it to be so, over and over again.

Haiti cannot and should not be giving more and more to the DR when in return, nothing positive is being offered/exchanged with us.

I understand your concern for our Dominican brothers. But what is their concern for us? If you follow the pattern of the DR's policies within the past few years, regardless of which president is in power there, it is not/was not in our interest to give them more power over us than they already have.

Have a happy Thanksgiving.

Hyppolite Pierre