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9680: Music at the Oloffson

From: OLOFFSONRAM@aol.com

We've started  Friday Night Jazz at the Oloffson every Friday Night. The 
featured band is Thurgot Theodat and his band. Thurgot used to play with a 
group called Foula which was one one the pioneering bands of the modern 
racine movement. Great Music!
The Thursday Night RAM show has expanded. It now features, at 6pm, a 
troubador band called Ti Coka. If you like Haitian retro music from the 
provinces, this is the band for you. We''ve also invited other local bands
share the bill. Some of the bands that have played include, Invincible de 
Jacmel, Misik Misik, Imaj Konpa and WaWa (which is a roots band). Great
is had by all.
Richard Morse