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0707: Re: 9678: White House Press Briefing & Haiti (fwd)

From: joseph lafortune <ctec4234@yahoo.com>

 I have carefully read the " White House Press
 & Haiti", I may be late, better late than never.
For quite some times, I have been asking a few
questions about the Black Caucus. Under what authority
 they are pleading the Haitian Case? Is it
humanitarian or the $$$$ interest.The Black Caucus
ever since their creation, their philosophy and
objective had, have or never will  match the Haitian
need for their survival.
Unblocking funds is not an emergeny for the hour,
because to return to the constitutional order many
requests have been made by many reliable agencies.
What is the difference between yesterday and today?
 Yes the difference is tremendous, when according to
the Canadian consulate, more than 69,000.00
professional are willing to contribute to a
demographic explosion in Canada.
Do not mention the boat people, for the last 15 years
the US government and the INS have been very indulgent
to those more people, although it is known from
everybody the boat people are as a political force to
pressure washington to lower their guards and release
 I believe in the Flesischer's approach and from now
on,the President should insist on receiving briefing
and crude informations from Haitian reliable source
for a better understanding of the Haitian socio
political dynamics, not to pay million of $$$$$ to
unreliable agency whose report have always been
litigated with corruption. This time the Pesident
final decision should and will for every single
Caribbean Health and
Research Studies.