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9707: Re: 9676: RE: 9663: U.S. urged to soften its policy on Haiti (Miami Herald ) (fwd)

From: joseph lafortune <ctec4234@yahoo.com>

  There is no doubt about the popularity of President
Aristide before and after the coup.
  There is no doubt the return to the constitutional
order has been of compromises, sacrifices, requests on
both sides of the fences, embargo suppression of
funds. Although no one, no agencies, no authorities
have tried to get any aftermath on the por people who
survived those years deprived one hot meal a day, just
to see their President back to power.
 Today do not tell me, the Black Caucus wants to be
the advocate of a cause that many of its peers have
contributed to be what it is. 
According to sources, the president is afraid of any
type of communication, a reson for EDH can't provide
the services.According to the President, after they
eat they must go to bed.if there is light, they will
listen to news. It starts right there.
The Black Caucus should request from Aristide light
for three months to everybody, then they would
consider a benchmark to some of the funds.

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