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9719: Re: 9707: Re: 9676: RE: 9663: U.S. urged to soften its policy on Haiti (Miami Herald ) (fwd)

From: rudy barthelemy <kreyolconnection@yahoo.com>

Mr. Lafortune wrote: 
<<According to sources, the president is afraid of any
type of communication,>> 
...and then he wrote: 
<<According to the President, after they eat they must
go to bed.if there is light, they will listen to news.
It starts right there.

The Black Caucus should request from Aristide light
for three months to everybody, then they would
consider a benchmark to some of the funds.>>

No offense intended here but seriously, such an
attempt, as suggested there by Mr. Lafortune, is much
sadder than the precarious reality of the situation
now in Haiti. Such would-be-recommendation to the
Black Caucus is really funny.  Unless, Mr. Lafortune
is joking.


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