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9720: FW: Penitentier National, Port-au-Prince (fwd)

From: Merrie Archer <MArcher@nchr.org>

 Please respond directly to Mr. Benison.
From: Jacob Benison
To: marcher@nchr.org

To whom it may concern,

I am interested in finding images of the Haitian National Penitentiary
in Port-au-Prince for a story I am working on for the Sarasota
Herald-Tribune (Florida) regarding Capt. Lawrence Rockwood. I am a staff

illustrator/artist and have been asked create a description of the
events that took place, Sept. 30, 1994 when Rockwood, frustrated with
the indifference of his superiors, decided to leave his post and go to
the prison and demand an accounting for the prisoners suffering there. I

would like to find any footage that would help me understand the layout
of this prison complex (especially images showing it's front entrance
and also the courtyard of the prison, {Rockwood describes a place in the

courtyard where "women came and went with there laundry", he stood here
refusing to move after entering the prison to prevent being locked
out}). Any information you could provide would be much appreciated

Jacob Benison