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9725: Re: Combat Corruption- GOH Issues for Ms. Karshan (fwd)

From: Marina <marinawus@yahoo.com>

Miss Karshan:

Could you give us more details about the
anti-corruption programs put in place by the GOH.

**For instance, could you address the "APN DOSSIER."
  What is the PM doing about the pension plan of these

  employees who contributed for years?

**Can you also address the issue of the PAP port being

  the most expensive one in the Caribbean? Why is 
  that? What services do we offer that would make us 

**What about the latest scandal at the DGI (Direction
  Générale des Impôts) where it would seem that 1  
  million gourdes has disappeared?

Like Pierre Jean, I know that corruption exists in
every country in the world, but at least in other
countries I see some things being done with part of
the monies.

In Haiti, if the GOH and its highest rankink officials
were to be investigated, I am sure that the report
would be quite negative.


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