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9730: Durban notes GOH now in Chicken Business (fwd)

From: Lance Durban <lpdurban@yahoo.com>

Another question for Michelle Karshan:
Last Friday the Ministry of Agriculture imported thousands of
live chicks.  The incessant chirping was made quite a racket as
trucks pulled into the Air Haiti terminal in the Port-au-Prince
cargo area to pick up the live cargo.  Who ordered these
chickens, how were they paid for, and where are they going?

It's pretty common knowledge in Haiti that the private sector
(PRINSA) lost a bundle in its chicken raising business...  just
couldn't compete with the likes of Tyson and Frank Perdue who
have an excess of dark meat that they are willing to sell cheap
and which most Haitians seem to prefer.  So, how is the Ministry
of Agriculture planning to succeed where the private sector
failed, or am I missing something here?  

I should close by saying that this is precisely the kind of
government 'project' that troubles me when we start hearing
about IDB loans.  If the GOH is buying live chicks for an
ill-conceived project with loan monies, the people of Haiti
(through its government) may end up paying for some rather
expensive chicken dinners! 

Lance Durban

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