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9732: Re: 9729: 2 observations on corruption (fwd)

From: Jacaranda40@cs.com

Mr Lance Durban,corrution and incompetence if not two brothers are closely 
related.If you put rules to regulate the functionning in the public 
administration without competent people to execute them,they will remain dead 
letter and we are about Haiti.At the same time,the employees generally any 
body  in Haiti may be in the world (I am not sure)dont like to follow 
princples above all if they are new and established by newcomers.Do you 
remember the concept "Just come".At the end of the JC Duvalier 
administration(1983-1984),the international community made an effort to 
introduce in  the Public administration some experience and academically 
prepared people,most of them were fired (uprooted)by the employees who were 
fed up with so many measures of control right after 1986.More over  the 
concept of corruption  has roots and is intertwined with the system.Picture a 
general director fired by a new government,any of those governments eager to 
bring his own men at the top of the res publica.What to say
about a minister,an ambassador and the like... There is certainly a solution 
to resolve the matter.To the next