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9732: Re: 9731: Durban Suggests Aid Project for USAID Consideration

From: NLaleau@aol.com

Dear Lance--That is a very constructive suggestion, and a very
low price for a piece of equipment that could make a huge difference in 
people's lives and in the environmental degradation presently occurring.
used two- and three-burner stoves like the one you describe--very
and easy to use--and the Ecuadorian family I was close to was happy to use
when I left--had no trouble with it at all. Introducing this technology
via a 
one-burner stove, universally available at low cost, is a great idea. Has 
this been done elsewhere, to your knowledge? If the purchase were made by
government or major NGO with a large budget, I suspect that finding 
distributors would not be too difficult--NGOs, church groups, etc.