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9736: The oldest democracy in the Americas

Anonymity requested

Jean Saint-Vil wrote:

“Can a nation where a large human population is held in slavery be called a
“democracy”? Therefore, since White Supremacy is the system that was in
place in the U.S. until 19? (in any case so it was in 1860 - a good 56 years
after Haiti became a democracy), then it could not be considered a

Does it mean that, if in the 1780s or 1790s the U.S. government had decided
that instead of keeping the slaves in their chains, they be slaughtered, as
were the 4,000-5,000 remaining French in Haiti in February-April 1804, by
order of Dessalines, founder of a Black Supremacy system (and not a
democracy--Read the 1805 Constitution), then could the USA have be
considered the oldest democracy in the Americas?

Anonymity requested