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9737: Corbett asks help with the names of several Haitian artists

>From Bob Corbett

I am working on a massive list of Haitian artists which I hope to
have posted to my web site in just days,  and I have a few
names that either may simply not belong, or I have more than
one spelling, or I don't know the order of the names.  Any help
on these would be GREATLY appreciated.

I have four possibilities here:

	-- Freddy Cherasard
	-- F. Cherizard
	-- Francois Cherizard
	-- Freddy Chersard

Is any one of these a Haitian artists?

Are J. Chiappini and Jean Patrice Chiappini the same person?
	It he a Haitian artist?


Is either Joseph Ghin or Joseph Ghim a Haitian artist?


Is Walter Guillame or Wlater Guillaume or W. Guilliume a Haitian artist?


That's all for now folks.  Hope some of you can help me with these names.