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9774: Re: 9747: T-Vice vs Sweet Micky (fwd)

From: "Benjamin J. Hebblethwaite" <bhebblet@indiana.edu>

Hi Pascal Antoine,

I've heard that the T-Vice / Sweet Micky charade began over a money
squabble.  Imagine that!  In any case, the feud has produced some great
music, take "Gason makm" by T-Vice, a song that seems to suggest that
S.M. is, well, a bit "effeminate."

Other Haitian friends have dismissed the escalation of the whole thing as
a kind of competitiveness that brings the best (music) out of everyone!
Must be true, as T-Vice and Sweet Micky certainly get me on my feet.

I think a look into Carnaval prowess discourse from musicians is a great
place to look for all kinds of evidence of this.  Another interesting
point is the whole "chante pwent" phenomenon in which the "sanba"
denounces something through a short, semi-cryptic song.

This is certainly an interesting area of study for ethnomusicologists and

Ben Hebblethwaite