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9775: Slavin: Request to List Members & Touissant Film (fwd)

From: PSlavin@unicefusa.org


Some requests for the New Year: Please take a moment to write a correct or
updated "subject" when you post. These "re:re:re:Slavery Debate (3) (fwd)"
subjects are too confusing and with the number of  e-mails the list
generates, often times the "subjects" are used to determine if one wants to
read an e-mail. I would also request, again, to posters that they add their
last name to the "subject" line as Guy Antoine, Amy Wilentz, among others,
do. Again, it helps determine whether or not one wants to make the time to
read the post. I suspect I am not alone on this.

[Corbett interjects:  I'm one who is most sympathetic to Patrick's
suggestion and have made it several times myself, but to little
avail.  I would urge you all to consider this request and follow it.]

On another matter, re the Touissant film project, the late David X. Young
had it exactly right when he said that the perfect actor for the part would
have been Sammy Davis Jr.