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9776: Re: 9769: Life is nothing without honor and dignity (fwd)

From: Pascal Antoine <pascal.antoine@verizon.net>

>Remember, I try to read most post between 
>the lines and draw my own conclusion, I do 
>not accept anyone whether Haitians or not to bash
>my country. 


I think you&#8217;re preaching to the choir.  I&#8217;ve been following the posts on this list for quite some time now and have been consistently impressed with their quality, sincerity and the concern that list members have shown for our little country. I even have respect for people who appear to be bashing Haiti and Haitians, since debate is healthy and is what this list is all about. 

>A few days ago, I read a post about Thanksgiving in the 
>US and Haitians cannot feed themselves. It is not news to 
>anyone, but the author had focus only on Haiti without 
>talking about the American who cannot eat 

I&#8217;m not sure which post you are referring to, but this makes sense since this is a Haitian mailing list. We all realize that America has problems too, but I believe this forum is meant to address Haitian problems and issues. You shouldn&#8217;t take attacks on Haiti personally due to blind, unconditional love for your country. Any post that seems like an attack should be used to open your eyes and prompt you to ask yourself questions. I believe everyone on the list has a love for Haiti since, otherwise, I do not see them taking the time to sign up and participate.

Pascal Antoine
Peyi Nou Pap Tombe