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9811: Re: 9806: Martelly, Virgal, and T-Vice on Net (fwd)

From: Jim Frisken <jfrisken@hotmail.com>

There are many sites I'm sure that broadcast private net "radio" broadcasts 
but the biggest is
Live 365 at       http://www.live365.com       .  Just type in haiti in the 
search box and click on 'go'.  This will give you a list of stations with 
Haitian content.  I haven't listened to all but the 3 I've been listening to 
feature kompa and zouk.  They tend to have about a 2 hour play list which 
then repeats 24 hours a day.  At intervals the owners of the stations must 
change their play lists I believe.  I run the audio through my stereo.  A 
nice feature of Live 365 is that you can easily make a preset list of your 
favorite stations and just go there when you log in.

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